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2000 April Report of the Auditor General of Canada

April 2000 Report—Chapter 1

Exhibit 1.1—Government Commitments to Service Quality Since 1996



February 1997

Clerk of the Privy Council, Fourth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

"Commitment to quality service is a fundamental responsibility of the public sector."

"We must relentlessly pursue the elimination of self-inflicted impediments to improved service delivery."

"We need to take a `whole-of-government' approach in service delivery which looks outward to the public interest."

September 1997

Speech from the Throne to Open the First Session, Thirty-Sixth Parliament of Canada

"The Government will continue to renew the Public Service of Canada to ensure its members have the skills and dedication to continue serving Canadians well."

March 1998

Clerk of the Privy Council, Fifth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

"We will continue our efforts to focus service delivery around citizens' needs and on improving citizens' access to government."

April 1998

Response to the Fifth Report of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts, on Service Quality

"The Government is committed to strengthening the quality of service delivery and enhancing the use of service standards for all government programs."

"The Government has established within the Treasury Board Secretariat a new Sector with the mandate to focus on government-wide approaches to improving service to Canadians."

"Measurement and reporting are central to understanding the present state, and to tracking progress towards service is important to monitor progress regularly."

"As part of the Treasury Board's increased emphasis on improving service delivery...the new Service Sector will be studying appropriate ways of monitoring departmental performance and reporting on progress."

"The Government is committed to citizen-centred service delivery [which is] a broader concept, comprised not only of service standards, but also leadership, planning, good management, and measurement and reporting of performance, and the implementation of new integrated approaches to service delivery, such as single windows and partnerships."