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2000 December Report of the Auditor General of Canada

December 2000 Report—Chapter 19

Exhibit 19.4—Statements of Performance Expectations—Examples

Clear and Concrete

Maximum economic and social benefit for the global movement of people. To be demonstrated by "achievement of target immigration levels of 200,000 to 225,000 newcomers to Canada for 2000." Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2000-01 Report on Plans and Priorities.

Export capability and preparedness. "ExportSource content will be improved by implementing the re-engineered guide, Exporter Preparation, and the new Canadian Exporter's Guide to Intellectual Property, and by targeting an increase in client satisfaction from 68 percent to 70 percent." Industry Canada, 1999-2000 Report on Plans and Priorities.

The environment and human health threats posed by toxic substances and other substances of concern are understood, and prevented or reduced. To be demonstrated by "releases of toxins reported through the ARET program reduced by 25,000 tonnes by the end of 2000. Continue to meet mercury emissions reductions of 50% from 1990 levels in accordance with UNECE commitments." Environment Canada, 1999-2000 Report on Plans and Priorities.

To manage the Department efficiently and effectively. To be demonstrated by a "reduction in the Departmental vehicle fleet size by 40 percent from 1995 figures and ensure, where technically and operationally possible, that all new vehicles run on alternative transportation fuels, by 1998." Natural Resources Canada, 1999 Departmental Performance Report.


Conservation and biological sustainability of fisheries resources, marine and freshwater habitats and a protected environment. To be demonstrated by an "increase in public knowledge of oceans and freshwater issues to encourage local involvement, self-regulation, voluntary compliance and shared accountability." Fisheries and Oceans, 2000-01 Report on Plans and Priorities.

The delivery of benefits and services that contribute to the independence, quality of life and standard of living of Canada's veterans. To be demonstrated by "client independence and healthy lifestyle." Veterans Affairs Canada, 2000-01 Report on Plans and Priorities.

Not Concrete

To provide Canadians with health surveillance that anticipates, prevents and responds to health risks posed by diseases, food, water, drugs, pesticides, medical devices, environmental and occupational hazards, consumer goods, and other socio-economic determinants of health. To be demonstrated by "a public well informed about specific risks and benefits to their health." Health Canada, 1999-2000 Report on Plans and Priorities.

Promoting the integration of newcomers. "To be demonstrated by reduced potential for fraud and misuse of documents through the development of profiles that can help identify potential risks to program integrity in the citizenship application process and enhancements to the process of issuing citizenship certificates." Citizenship and Immigration, 2000-01 Report on Plans and Priorities.