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2000 December Report of the Auditor General of Canada

December 2000 Report—Chapter 19

Exhibit 19.5—Assessing How Well Accomplishments Are Reported

We assessed each business line in the performance reports to see whether accomplishments reported were:

  • outcome-oriented;
  • compared with past performance or with that of other entities;
  • attributed to the program; and
  • plausibly linked to the business line activities and outputs.

We combined these factors into an index to measure how well accomplishments were reported. Business line scores for a department were added after weighing them according to their expenditures. A given business line might rate well in some aspects of reporting accomplishments and low in others. Lower scores tended to indicate that accomplishments are focussed more on activity and output, and no comparison or attribution is provided.

The chart shows the average index scores for reporting accomplishments in each of the three years when all 47 departments produced performance reports.