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2000 December Report of the Auditor General of Canada

December 2000 Report—Chapter 19

Exhibit 19.7—Reporting Activities as Accomplishments—Examples

Health Canada, in its performance report, lists "reduced illness, injury and death from identified health risks" as a desired outcome of its Management of Risks to Health Commitment. "Completed a revised draft Risk Management Framework" is reported as an accomplishment. This is elaborated later in the report through more activities stated as accomplishments in improving the risk management framework, such as "started the implementation of the Nutrition for Health action agenda" and "developed policies and programs for the safety of raw food of animal origin". The Department does not discuss how these activities would contribute to or eventually lead to reduced illness, injury and death - the stated desired outcome.

Fisheries and Oceans, in its Performance Report for 1999, lists as expected performance to "provide Canadians with safe, efficient and accessible waterways and harbours." It elaborates on this in a chart of Key Results Commitments with a long list of ways this is demonstrated - for example, "safe and efficient movement of marine traffic through ice-covered waters." Icebreaking activities the Department reports as accomplishments include implementing a fee for icebreaking services, transferring the Arctic Sealift (resupplying Arctic areas) to the Government of Nunavut, working with the United States to expand the cost-sharing arrangements for ice patrol, and continuing an economic study of icebreaking benefits. The expected accomplishment, the safe and efficient movement of marine traffic, is not discussed.