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2000 December Report of the Auditor General of Canada

December 2000 Report—Chapter 25

Exhibit 25.12—Compliance and Enforcement Options, Depending on the Legislation

  • Warnings
  • Collection of samples
  • Downgrading of the establishment's rating
  • Demand for notification of imported products
  • Seizure of product
  • Mandatory recall orders
  • Injunctions
  • Refusal to issue or renew licences, registrations or permits
  • Suspension, revocation or cancellation of licences, registrations or permits
  • Shutdown of production
  • Enforcement (i.e., prosecution)
  • Monetary penalties
  • Forfeiture (on conviction)
  • Removal of illegal imports
  • Arrest

Source: CFIA's Compliance and Enforcement Manual and other sources