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2005 April Report of the Auditor General of Canada

April 2005 Report—Chapter 2

Exhibit 2.4—National Emergency Response System (NERS)

NERS is an "all hazards" response structure designed to co-ordinate the federal response to emergencies of national importance, including support to provinces, territories, and the federal departments involved. It will provide for national policy direction and strategic co-ordination.

A national response within NERS may also include issuing a notification, a warning, and/or an alert to the public.

NERS will not change existing departmental mandates but rather will co-ordinate mandates in a harmonized federal response.

NERS is based on functionally oriented groups staffed by personnel from Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada and other federal departments. The response structure can be activated partially or fully, using escalating levels of operations that correspond to emerging, imminent, or occurring emergencies. Each response level represents an increase in the federal capability and capacity to respond.

Source: Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada