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2006 May Status Report of the Auditor General of Canada

May 2006 Status Report—Chapter 3

Appendix—List of recommendations

The following is a list of recommendations found in Chapter 3. The number in front of the recommendation indicates the paragraph where it appears in the chapter. The numbers in parentheses indicate the paragraphs where the topic is discussed.


Department's response

The cost of unused training

3.18 Public Works and Government Services Canada and National Defence should begin action to ensure that compensation is received in a timely manner.

Public Works and Government Services Canada and National Defence will follow up with the contractor and other relevant parties to ensure that funds due to Canada are paid promptly in accordance with the NATO Flying Training in Canada agreements. Other compensation, in the form of additional training, will be received in a timely manner based on Canada's training needs.

3.27 National Defence should take immediate action to resolve pilot enrolment limitations to ensure it makes the best use of the NATO Flying Training in Canada contract and trains the number of pilots it needs. The Department should ensure it is not creating a new basic flying training program that provides added capacity it may not use.

National Defence accepts these recommendations. The Department has already taken steps to resolve pilot enrolment limitations, and will continue working to attract sufficient pilot recruits while managing the NATO Flying Training in Canada contract to produce the required number of trained pilots. National Defence remains confident that the new basic flying training option, being developed in a complementary contract, contains measures to reduce the financial impact of fluctuations in pilot enrollment and employs the lessons learned from the NFTC project that were recommended by the Auditor General.