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2007 February Status Report of the Auditor General of Canada

February 2007 Status Report—Chapter 1

Appendix—List of recommendations

The following is a list of recommendations found in Chapter 1. The number in front of the recommendation indicates the paragraph where it appears in the chapter. The numbers in parentheses indicate the paragraphs where the topic is discussed.



Managing public opinion research activities in departments

1.70 Departments should ensure that the required notification of planned research is provided to Public Works and Government Services Canada prior to contacting research firms.

The Treasury Board Secretariat, the Privy Council Office, and Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) agree with the recommendation. PWGSC has unique expertise and can advise departments on the tendering and contracting process, and in the development of research plans, strategies, and tools.

In January 2007, the Secretary of the Treasury Board sent a notice to departments concerning requirements of the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada related to public opinion research and advertising, in particular the requirement to notify PWGSC prior to contracting public research firms.

Recent changes have also been made to strengthen and enhance oversight of the early stages of the public opinion research process. As part of the Federal Accountability Action Plan, the Communications Policy of the Government of Canada was amended on 1 August 2006 to require departments to forward draft instruments to PWGSC, on request, no less than 24 hours prior to fieldwork being conducted for advice on compliance with policy, legislation, and generally accepted market research and Government of Canada standards.