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2007 February Status Report of the Auditor General of Canada

February 2007 Status Report—Chapter 1

Exhibit 1.1—Responsibilities for advertising


  • Approves allocation of funds for advertising
  • Reviews campaign results for effectiveness

Treasury Board

  • Issues policies on managing government communications and procurement
  • Approves submissions for the allocation of funds to departments for approved advertising campaigns

Treasury Board Secretariat

  • Assesses, advises on, and processes the allocation of funds to departments through the Treasury Board submission process
  • Posts funding allocations on its website
  • Develops and monitors the effectiveness of policies and procedures for managing government communications and procurement

Privy Council Office

  • Supports Cabinet and its committees in setting advertising priorities
  • Chairs the Government Advertising Committee
  • Reviews and challenges departmental advertising proposals on strategy, content, messages, and evaluation, and facilitates regional allocations and tailoring
  • Monitors government advertising and provides periodic reports to Cabinet or its designated committee

Public Works and Government Services Canada

  • Contracts for advertising agencies and the government's Agency of Record through its Communications Procurement Directorate
  • Liaises with departments on advertising procedures through its Advertising Coordination and Partnership Directorate
  • Manages the Advertising Management Information System
  • Issues annual report on government advertising activities and results
  • Develops and delivers advertising training opportunities for departments
  • Provides data to the Privy Council Office for periodic reporting to Cabinet

Federal departments and agencies

  • Develop advertising proposals for consideration by Cabinet
  • Prepare Treasury Board submissions for allocation of funds for approved advertising campaigns
  • Implement and evaluate advertising campaigns
  • Account for funds received for advertising in accordance with Treasury Board submissions and campaign approvals

Government Advertising Committee

  • Approves advertising proposals
  • Ensures advertising campaigns are aligned with government priorities
  • Reviews and provides feedback to departments on advertising proposals they submit for funding
  • Facilitates the development of horizontal initiatives involving multiple departments

Source: Communications Policy of the Government of Canada (2004)