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1992 Report of the Auditor General of Canada

1992 Report—Chapter 12

Exhibit 12.5—Possible Evaluation Questions

  • What are the objectives and expected benefits of Canada's participation? What priority or value is attached to each?
  • Are these objectives still relevant and consistent with the current understanding of MPs?
  • Do the objectives accord with the goals and Articles of Agreement of the institutions?
  • Are the activities and strategies of the institutions consistent with Canada's Official Development Assistance and other foreign policy objectives?
  • What is their contribution to each of Canada's objectives?
  • What is the relative effectiveness of the various channels (bilateral, World Bank Group, Regional Development Banks) of delivering Canada's development assistance?
  • Do the evaluations (project, policy, sectoral) done by Operations Evaluation Department of the World Bank provide enough information on the achievement of Canada's development objectives?
  • Can resources be allocated to these institutions according to their relative effectiveness in achieving Canada's objectives?
  • What lessons have been learned through evaluations of World Bank projects and structural adjustment loans, and to what extent have these lessons been applied to modify and improve Canada's Official Development Assistance program?
  • What impact would the increased pressure or demand for more resources to assist Third World countries and to support the reconstruction of countries of eastern Europe have on Canada's contributions to these institutions and hence on its future financial requirements?