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1993 Report of the Auditor General of Canada

1993 Report—Chapter 12

Insert 12.4—Challenges Facing CIDA

CIDA is in the process of strengthening its management capacity for decision making. In our view, there are at least five major challenges facing the Agency:

  • To develop a consensus among all the key players involved in international development activities, including politicians, on how to build an overall aid program for Canada. Consensus is needed on the primary purpose of Official Development Assistance, the key countries in which CIDA should operate and the best ways to achieve the government's policy objectives and priorities.
  • To spell out more clearly CIDA's accountability in managing for results within the Agency, and the Minister's accountability to Parliament.
  • To design and implement a more innovative management system. There is a need for a more strategic and results-oriented management culture and contracting regime in the Agency.
  • To concentrate its resources and efforts on specific countries and activities in order to maximize results. Given resource limitations, it would be preferable, for example, to reduce the number of Canadian aid priorities, recipient countries and the objectives pursued in any one country.
  • To become more transparent. This means being open with Parliament and with CIDA's partners in development about the policy objectives being pursued, the programming decisions being made, the costs involved and the results achieved.