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1996 November Report of the Auditor General of Canada

November 1996 Report—Chapter 27

Exhibit 27.1—Hypothetical Examples of Issues Calling for Intelligence Support

1. A bomb explodes in the United States, and a little-known group claims responsibility. The media speculate that the act is the start of a terror campaign. Is the speculation right? Does the terrorist group have members in Canada? If so, what are they up to here? Should protective measures be strengthened?

2. A violent coup attempt is under way in another country. Canadians working there are in danger. Should Canada undertake a risky and expensive evacuation? If so, where should the Canadian planes land? Are they likely to come under fire? Would negotiations with the coup leaders help?

3. A Canadian resident is identified as possibly involved in the planning, financing and arming of an international terrorist group about to commit a terrorist act overseas. What information can be provided to domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies to prevent the act? How quickly can the Canadian be fully identified? What action can be taken in Canada to prevent the collection and transfer of funds to the terrorist group? Can the arms be identified, disabled or interdicted without jeopardizing the source of the information?

4. Canada may be asked to contribute troops to a peacekeeping mission abroad. How stable is the situation on the ground? Would the peacekeepers' lives be at serious risk? How long will the mission likely last?

5. Political opponents to a regime in power in another country have an organized and significant presence in Canada. The government of that country uses its diplomatic personnel in Canada to identify, target and destabilize the group. Which diplomats are involved? Are Canadian-based supporters of the regime being used by the embassy to infiltrate the group? What is the potential for violence? How vulnerable are Canadian interests abroad to retribution by either pro- or anti-government sympathizers?