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1996 November Report of the Auditor General of Canada

November 1996 Report—Chapter 29

Exhibit 29.10—Projects Used for Pilot-Testing of the Framework


Peru-Canada Fund - a development institution created to deliver small-scale, grass-roots projects with vulnerable populations across Peru.

WUSC Water and Sanitation Phases I and II - implemented by the non-governmental organization World University Service of Canada to establish community-based water and sanitation systems in rural and peri-urban areas.


Bolivia Oil and Gas Project - an operational technical assistance project implemented by Petro-Canada International Management Services to assist the Bolivian government in reforming its hydrocarbon sector.


Women's Initiative Fund - an operational project implemented by the Foundation for International Training that assists poor rural women in accessing credit to establish small enterprises.

Egyptian Labour Adjustment Service Phase I - implemented by Employment and Immigration Canada to assist workers displaced by public sector restructuring.

Egyptian Electrical Authority Training Project - an operational capacity-building project implemented by Ontario Hydro to develop and implement a transmission training system for the Egyptian Electrical Authority.


Non-Formal Education Projec t - implemented by the Association of Community Colleges of Canada to assist the Association of Non-Traditional Education of the Philippines to become a strong self-supporting organization and provide non-formal education through its members.

Philippines Co-operatives Development Assistance Project - implemented by the Canadian Co-operative Association to strengthen the capability of co-operatives in the Philippines to serve the credit needs of the poor.

Environmental Resources Management Project - implemented by Dalhousie University to strengthen the capacity of the University of the Philippines (Los Baños) to contribute to environment and resources management practices and policy in the Philippines.