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1998 Report of the Auditor General of Canada Report Type

September 1998 Report—Chapter 14

Exhibit 14.1—Selected Features of Settled Comprehensive Land Claims


1 The amounts are expressed in net present value at the time of settlement, except the James Bay and Northern Quebec and Inuvialuit agreements, which are in current dollars. The total amount payable in current dollars by the federal government for capital transfers is $1.8 billion, which includes interest where applicable.

2 This land is full ownership land in accordance with the agreement. Agreements also provide for various rights respecting other lands.

3 Population is the most current estimate available.

4 22,422 sq. km. in Northwest Territories and 1,554 sq. km. in Yukon.

5 Numbers in exhibit are 6 out of 14 First Nations in Yukon. For all 14, the umbrella total settlement amount is $242.7 million and 41,440 sq. km.

Source: Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and Final Agreements