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1999 September and November Report of the Auditor General of Canada

September and November 1999 Report—Chapter 28

Exhibit 28.2—Examples of Project Monitors' Comments on Project Reports

In the case of a $10 million project for institution strengthening and capacity building, the project monitor reported, "A recent quarterly report contains 26 pages of detailed tables but does not tie in financial results to project results"; "reports and work planning focus on activities and not results"; "no relationship between costs and results has been is very difficult to tell whether the relationship between costs and results is reasonable."

After reviewing a $3 million project for capacity building in health reform, another monitor observed, "The main concern with this [progress] report is that it largely fails to provide a concise analysis and summary of whether the project is basically on track or not, which results have not been achieved on schedule and the reasons and what corrective actions could be made to redress the situation."

In the case of an $8 million project to upgrade the teaching capacity of a university-level institute, the monitor commented, "The reports were brief and to the point and provided a snapshot of the last quarter reported. In addition, a graphical summary of trainees by year was provided. This will make tracking and completion dates of the trainees much easier to follow for all concerned. These new reports should add considerably to using the reports as a management tool."