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1999 September and November Report of the Auditor General of Canada

September and November 1999 Report—Chapter 29

Exhibit 29.6—Questions to Be Addressed in the Evaluation of Each Health Transition Fund Project

Quality of Service

  • How does this model or program affect the quality of services/care provided?
  • How does this model or program affect access to health services?
  • In what ways does this model/program facilitate integration/co-ordination with other parts of the health system and other health stakeholders?

Health Impacts/Effects

  • What kinds of changes in the health of your service/target population occurred as a result of your project, and on what basis did you draw these conclusions?

Cost Effectiveness

  • How did the model piloted or the program evaluated contribute to a more cost-effective service than what is currently being provided in that region/province?


  • What lessons did you learn about implementing and testing this model or program that might be useful to other jurisdictions/regions/programs/settings?
Source: Health Transition Fund Secretariat, Health Canada