Chapter 1—Climate Change Plans Under the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act—Exhibit 1.6 text version

2011 October Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

October 2011 Report—Chapter 1

Exhibit 1.6—A gap exists between the Kyoto Protocol target and the Government of Canada’s expected greenhouse gas emissions in the 2010 climate change plan

This timeline graph shows the gap between the Kyoto Protocol target for 2008 to 2012 and the Government of Canada’s expected greenhouse gas emissions in the 2010 climate change plan.

On the left side of the graph, the greenhouse gas emissions are shown (in million tonnes), in intervals of 100, ranging from 500 to 800. Along the bottom of the graph, the years are marked from 1990 to 2012, showing every second year.

A line in the graph shows that emissions increased steadily from 1990 to 2008. The approximate values in millions of tonnes are as follows:

1990: just below 600
1992: 600
1994: 620
1996: 660
1998: 675
2000: 710
2002: 710
2004: 740
2006: 720
2008: 734

A note for 2008 says the following: “Actual emissions in 2008 were 734 million tonnes or 31 percent above the Kyoto target.”

A second line shows the emissions expected for 2010 to 2012 according to the Government of Canada 2010 climate change plan. The approximate amounts are 700 for 2010 and 720 for 2012. A third line below shows the Kyoto target amount for 2008 to 2012. The text states that this target is 558.4 million tonnes. Between the two lines is text that states: “Gap between expectations and target”.

Below the graph, the following note explains the reason for the break between 2008 and 2009: “Information for 2009 was not available at the time of our audit” The source of the data is stated as follows: “Adapted from Environment Canada’s National Inventory Report, 1990–2008: Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada (May 2010) and A Climate Change Plan for the Purposes of the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act (May 2010)”.