2009 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada

Fall 2009 Report—Chapter 7

Exhibit 7.3—The 10 critical infrastructure sectors show varied progress toward their emergency management being operational

Exhibit 7.3 is a bar graph that shows the 10 critical infrastructure sectors identified and the number of milestones each sector has completed towards a total of 37 milestones. Along the vertical axis, the 10 sectors are listed:

1) Government;

2) Safety;

3) Manufacturing;

4) Transportation;

5) Health;

6) Water;

7) Food;

8) Finance;

9) Information and Communication Technology; and

10) Energy and Utilities.

The horizontal axis contains the number of milestones, from 0 to 37, at increments of 5. The transportation sector has completed the most milestones (10), while the Manufacturing sector has completed the least number of milestones (2).

The other results are as follows: Government, 4; Safety, 7; Health, 5; Water, 4; Food, 7.5; Finance, 5; Information and Communications Technology, 4; and Energy and Utilities, 8.