2012 Spring Report of the Auditor General of Canada

Spring 2012 Report—Chapter 2

Exhibit 2.5—Key phases and steps in project management

This flowchart shows the key phases and steps in project management.

The first phase, before the project is initiated, is the Identification Phase when the capability deficiency is identified.

After the project is initiated, there are four more phases.

During the Options Analysis Phase,

  • operational requirements are defined,
  • total project life-cycle costs are estimated,
  • risks are assessed,
  • options are analyzed, and
  • a procurement strategy is proposed.

During the Definition Phase,

  • total project cost estimates are revised,
  • a detailed project risk assessment is conducted, and
  • a schedule is defined.

During the Implementation Phase, the project is implemented and monitored.

During the Close-out Phase, the project is completed and the lessons learned are analyzed.

Source: Adapted from the project management process used within National Defence.