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2001 October Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

October 2001 Report—Chapter 1—Section 6

Exhibit 1.6.5—Conservation authorities in Ontario share in the management of fish habitat

Level 1. Screens project proposal to determine whether fish habitat is present and whether it could be altered, disrupted, or destroyed by the project. If yes, the project is sent to the Department.

Level 2. In addition to Level 1, also provides guidance to project proponents on required actions to prevent damage or destruction of fish habitat. If damage cannot be avoided, the project is sent to the Department.

Level 3. In addition to levels 1 and 2, provides guidance on creating new habitat or enhancing other existing habitat to offset habitat destroyed by the project.

No agreement with the Department.

Areas with no conservation authorities.


Fisheries and Oceans assigns three levels of responsibility to conservation authorities, based on their level of experience and capacity. Conservation authorities review project proposals on behalf of the Department, free of charge. Fisheries and Oceans provides training, as well as hardware and software, to fulfil the requirement for annual reporting to Parliament. The Department retains responsibilities for Fisheries Act authorizations and conducting environmental assessments under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Source: Adapted from A Protocol Detailing the Fish Habitat Referral Process in Ontario, August 2000. Fisheries and Oceans, Parks Canada, Conservation Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.