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1999 Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

1999 Report—Chapter 5

Exhibit 5.5—Quebec Pulp and Paper Administrative Agreements*: CEPA and Fisheries Act

Areas that worked or work as intended

Areas for improvement

1st Agreement (expired January 1996)

  • Improved communication between the two levels of government - first step in the process of learning how an agreement works.
  • Computer system developed for the electronic transmission of data.
  • Implementation problems with computer system.
  • Poor flow of information from province to federal government.
  • Annual reporting limited.
  • No formal evaluation of the agreement.
  • 2nd Agreement (renewed December 1997)

  • Federal government receiving electronic data from province, flow of information to federal government improved as of spring 1998.
  • Improvements in timing of data transfer and data validation.
  • Management committee now focussing on key areas and mills identified as problematic and requiring immediate attention.
  • Legal issues need to be addressed (provincial inspectors not trained as federal fisheries inspectors; access-to-information laws in Quebec).
  • Environmental Effects Monitoring (Cycle 2) not in new agreement, province embarking on parallel and duplicative program.
  • Common to Both Agreements

  • Management committee met and is meeting regularly.
  • Industry not satisfied with level of consultation.
  • Need for Environment Canada to exercise its enforcement authority where appropriate.
  • Lack of ongoing analysis of provincial downsizing.
  • * Agreement between the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada in the Context of the Application in Quebec of Federal Pulp and Paper Mill Regulations