What We Offer

Comprehensive benefits

We offer our employees a very generous package of health, insurance and leave benefits, as well as an excellent pension plan.


New employees receive three weeks of annual vacation. This increases to four weeks after eight years. Management receives four weeks of vacation leave on appointment.

In addition to vacation leave, employees are entitled to one personal day and one day of volunteer leave every year. 

After two years of service, employees in the AP and ASG groups receive a one-time entitlement of one week of additional leave. 

Health and dental plans

We cover 80% of most medical expenses, including prescription drugs and vision care. Our dental plan pays 90% of routine treatments and 50% for other services such as orthodontics.

Sick leave

Employees earn monthly sick leave credits to a total of 15 days per year. Unused sick leave credits are carried forward to future years.

Pension plan

As an employee of the Office of the Auditor General of Canada, you will participate in an excellent pension plan. Your benefits will depend on your age and years of service at retirement. The basic benefit is calculated at 2% x years of service x five-year average salary. This benefit is available as early as age 55. Your pension benefit is also indexed for increases to the consumer price index.

Disability benefits

Long-term disability insurance provides income-replacement benefits during lengthy periods of total disability at 70% of your annual salary.


We have several excellent insurance plans available at reasonable rates.