Why work here?

Why work here?

Our people fuel our strength

Why work here?

Finding the right job is no easy task and choosing where you want to invest your talent is a difficult decision! Here’s what you can expect from working with us.

At the OAG, we always strive to be better. We put a lot of energy into improving our work environment and adjusting to the needs of our people so that they feel valued and empowered to make the OAG the best it can be. We recognize the value of different educational, professional, and cultural backgrounds within our team. We also recognize that continuous learning is essential to our success. By supporting your personal and professional needs, we foster a better workplace.

We are one of Canada’s Top Employers. One of the ways that we strive to be better is by participating in the national competition for Canada’s Top 100 Employers. This competition allows us to determine where we fit amongst those who lead in offering exceptional workplaces for their employees. In 2020, the OAG is proud to be one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People as well as one of the National Capital Region’s Top Employers.

Logos for Canada's Top Employers for Young People 2020 and National Capital Region's Top Employers 2020

“The best thing about working at the OAG is seeing the impact of your work on the management of government programs and services, and ultimately the lives of Canadians.”

Doreen Deveen, Director

Career planning and professional development

We firmly believe in supporting your professional aspirations. We offer many programs and resources to employees looking to further their career development:

Work-life balance

The OAG supports your personal needs outside of work and promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We provide the following:

Comprehensive benefits

Our benefits package provides a range of options:

Green workplace

The OAG has policies and programs that help us meet our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same. Not only do we commit to environmentally friendly work practices in the office, but through our performance audits, we hold our clients accountable for their progress in sustainable development.

Our green initiatives include the following:

Diversity and inclusion

At the OAG, we take pride in having a workplace where the different backgrounds and talents of our employees are respected and valued. We embrace diversity in our workforce and encourage members of designated groups—women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples, and persons with disabilities—to apply and self-identify on their applications.

We strive to eliminate barriers to employment of under-represented groups during the application and selection processes. Special testing arrangements can be made available to candidates who require accommodations such as alternative formats, extended duration, and technical aids.

The following are examples of our diversity and inclusion initiatives:

Awards and recognition

The OAG offers awards both formally and informally to employees who demonstrate exceptional leadership, innovation, and achievements. Auditor General Awards officially recognize individuals who consistently demonstrate the values we promote. Our Bravo Program recognizes both individual and collaborative efforts.

Being a leader at the OAG

The OAG is dedicated to maximizing our value to Canadians. Our leaders work together as a community to continuously enhance the efficiency, quality, and impact of our work. All leaders are expected to demonstrate and promote the behaviours in the OAG Leadership Contract.

OAG Leadership Contract

The OAG is dedicated to maximizing value to Canadians. At the OAG, we expect all leaders will work together as a community to continuously enhance the efficiency, quality, and impact of our work.

Therefore, as a leader at the OAG, I agree to live up to the following:

  • I work with Canadians in mind—I work strategically and in the best interest of Canadians. This broad, big-picture approach is essential to maximize the impact of the OAG.
  • I strive for greatness—I don’t settle; I drive myself and inspire others to challenge the status quo, innovate, and take intelligent risks. A focus on excellence is critical for our work to continue to be efficient and of the best quality, and to have the highest impact.
  • I do the “hard” work—I tackle challenges, make the tough decisions, and have the difficult conversations related to organizational and people leadership, including managing change. I have an obligation to deal with issues and move things forward.
  • I empower—I take accountability for ensuring that I contribute effectively for my role, as well as trust, support, and hold others accountable to perform their responsibilities. We are at our best when we work together and at the “right” level, with appropriate authority, and clarity of role and responsibility.
  • I collaborate—I provide my full value as well as actively communicate with and engage others in my work. Developing relationships, leveraging diverse perspectives, and working together enhance our alignment and outputs.
  • I develop—I am dedicated to developing myself as well as others. It is necessary for each of us to reach our potential so we can fully contribute to the success of the OAG, today and in the future.

Employee empowerment

Definition of empowerment at the OAG

At the OAG, empowerment means the following: