Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

Professionals who work at the Office of the Auditor General of Canada (OAG) come from diverse academic fields and possess wide-ranging expertise. Our auditors work in teams assigned to audit specific federal government departments or agencies, Crown corporations, or territorial governments. They are supported by specialists in law, professional practices, international relations, information technology, communications, and parliamentary liaison. The work, both compelling and engaging, provides plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

“Working at the OAG means being a member of a family.”

Jacques Ekon, information technologyIT Security Analyst

“The OAG provides a dynamic work environment that allows me to achieve a balance between work and family responsibilities.”

Martin Dompierre, Assistant Auditor General

Financial auditors

Financial auditors examine the financial statements of government organizations and Crown corporations to ensure that transactions are fairly represented and compliant with legislative authorities. Audit procedures may include comparing actual with planned operational results, assessing the reliability of a department’s financial control systems, and checking samples of transactions and balances. Auditors supplement these tests with further analyses and discussions with management staff at the audited organizations.

As an integral member of a team of professional accountants, you will use audit programs and proven methodology in conducting financial audits. You will participate in all three audit phases—planning, examining, and reporting— and will have the chance to lead audits and supervise other staff members. Each assignment and auditing environment will provide unique challenges and opportunities to advance your professional skills.

Approved by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, our programs in public accounting provide Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) candidates with the training they need to fulfill their practical experience requirements. Financial auditors also benefit from paid CPA certification and membership throughout the length of their careers at the OAG.

Performance auditors

Auditing is not only for accountants. In fact, the auditing field encompasses many different disciplines. Performance auditors examine the government’s activities and programs against established criteria to evaluate their economy, efficiency, and environmental impact. They also ensure that federal and territorial departments, and Crown Corporations, are properly equipped to measure the effectiveness of their initiatives. Performance audits provide independent, objective, and systematic assessments of how well the government is managing its processes, responsibilities and resources.

As a performance auditor, you will carry out assignments in a variety of exciting fields. The audits you conduct will measure the effectiveness and efficiency of programs, enabling you to provide objective and critical information, advice, and assurance to Parliament. Many of our performance auditors also participate in rotational opportunities to expand their knowledge outside their regular scope of expertise.

Support service professionals

Support service professionals perform core, functional activities that support the OAG’s day to day operations. The services you provide will help the OAG meet its important mandate. You will discover exciting and rewarding opportunities for careers with the OAG in fields such as finance, information technology, human resources, procurement, legal, communications, and administration.