Students and recent graduates

Students and Recent Graduates

Students and Recent Graduates

At the Office of the Auditor General of Canada (OAG), hiring students and recent graduates is a practice rooted in our history. With some of our executives having joined the OAG as students themselves, we understand the added value that students bring to the workforce. Our internship and trainee programs will provide you with the experience, resources, and guidance you need to help explore your career interests and achieve your professional goals.

Pathway for Auditors

After earning their degrees, audit students and recent graduates typically begin their careers as audit trainees. Some may enter the audit trainee programs (Financial or Performance) after working at the OAG as a post-secondary co-operative education (CO-OP) student or summer student, or as part of the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP).

On successful completion of the Audit Trainee Program, trainees are promoted to the Audit Professional level. As audit professionals, they begin to perform independent audits and are given additional responsibilities. They may then be appointed as audit project leaders for a team of auditors.

Flowchart showing the number of years it will take to get from audit trainee to audit professional (about 3 years) and to audit project leader (about 7 years)

Financial Audit Summer Student Program

The Financial Audit Summer Student Program is a great opportunity for university students looking for a head start in accumulating work experience approved by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada). Summer students at the OAG work closely with audit professionals to build a foundation of knowledge and skills that will not only complement their studies, but also lead to a successful Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) certification.

This program is open to students who meet all of the following requirements:

Post-secondary Co-operative Education and Internship Program

We offer a range of post-secondary co-operative education (CO-OP) placements throughout the year, in both our audit and professional support services. Contact your school’s CO-OP coordinator to keep in touch with our recruitment cycle.

Financial Audit Trainee Program

The three-year Financial Audit Trainee Program, which is approved by CPA Canada, is designed to attract and develop high-calibre accounting graduates who have the skills and competencies required to become strong financial audit professionals.

The work performed by financial audit trainees enables them to fulfill all of the CPA experience requirements and write the Common Final Examination (CFE) before the end of the program. The OAG supports trainees writing the CFE with mentorship opportunities, employer-paid tuition, and examination fees.

Performance Audit Trainee Program

The two-year Performance Audit Trainee Program is designed to attract and develop high calibre university post-graduates who have the skills and competencies required to become strong performance audit professionals.

The program allows trainees to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct performance audits and involves formal training, practical experience, and mentoring.

Federal Student Work Experience Program

We also hire students through the Government of Canada’s Federal Student Work Experience Program to support our performance auditors and support service professionals.

Upcoming Recruitment Events

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“I chose to work at the OAG as a Financial Audit Trainee because I have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of Canadians. As part of my work, I enjoy learning about and collaborating with a variety of organizations and stakeholders throughout Canada.”

“As a recent graduate, I feel that the OAG understands the importance of my professional development, and provides every student with the training and support necessary to successfully navigate their Chartered Professional AccountantCPA journey.”

Anastasiya Abmiotka Chartered Professional AccountantCPA, Financial Audit Professional