Consultant Registration

The Consultant’s Self-Registration Database

The Consultant Self-Registration Database allows individual consultants and firms to register their résumés, brochures, or other documents. This information will be placed on a supplier’s source list to allow audit and administrative staff of the Office to search and establish lists of qualified candidates for evaluation and/or bid solicitation.

The source list is used by staff, using a full text index to search résumés and other relevant information to provide further clarification and elaboration on experience and skills of consultants. Consultants will then be contacted to determine availability and solicit bids, when appropriate and practical.

The information collected in this database is not disclosed to anyone except Office of the Auditor General of Canada personnel who respond to your request.

Questions or comments regarding this policy, or the administration of the Privacy Act in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada may be directed to the Privacy Co-ordinator by e-mail or by calling (613) 995-3708 or writing to Privacy Co-ordinator, Office of the Auditor General of Canada at 240 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario, KIA 0G6.

Submitting your résumé

  • E-mail
  • Attach your résumé(s), brochure, or other documents in the e-mail in one of the following file formats: .pdf, .doc (Word) or .wpd (WordPerfect)
  • File size may not exceed 4Mb.

Updating information

You are free to resubmit your documents as often as you would like. Changes cannot be made to a previously submitted résumé, brochure or other document. In order for a change of information to be represented on your file, a new submission must be made.

Please note that you are responsible for updating your résumé(s), brochure or other documents, via e-mail, at least every 24 months. Your information will be deleted after 24 months and you are no longer registered with the Office.