Panel of Senior Advisors

The Panel of Senior Advisors provides strategic advice to the Auditor General on his work. In particular, it advises on

  • current or potential issues or major work themes for the Office of the Auditor General of Canada,
  • issues that should be raised in the Auditor General’s reports to Parliament, and
  • emerging issues that the Office should consider in its planning.

The members of the Panel of Senior Advisors, who are selected by the Auditor General, report as personal advisors to him. The panel meets twice a year, at the call of the Chair. Members are encouraged to suggest items for discussion.

Members of the Panel of Senior Advisors

  • Michael Ferguson, FCA (Chair)
  • The Honourable Ed Broadbent, P.C., C.C., Ph.D.
  • The Right Honourable Joe Clark, P.C., C.C.
  • Marcel Côté, Partner, SECOR
  • Kevin Dancey, FCA, President, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Special Advisor to the Board of Directors of, and past President of the Nuclear Waste Management Organization
  • Georges Henry Erasmus, O.C., Chair, Board of Directors, Aboriginal Healing Foundation (NWT)
  • Claire M. Morris, President and CEO of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada
  • Yves Guérard, Consultant
  • Lorna Marsden, C.M., Ph.D., past President and Vice-Chancellor, York University
  • Shawn Murphy, Q.C.