Advisors on Aboriginal Issues

The Office obtains advice on Aboriginal issues. This includes issues of relevance to First Nations and Inuit Communities. External advisors provide advice to the Auditor General on Aboriginal issues, including

  • current or potential areas of study or audit,
  • issues that should be raised in the Auditor General's reports to Parliament, and
  • emerging issues that the Office should consider in its planning.

First Nations Issues

The Auditor General chairs a Panel of Advisors on First Nations Issues. Panel members are selected by the Auditor General, and report as personal advisors to him. The panel meets once a year, at the call of the Chair. Members are encouraged to suggest items for discussion. Current panel members include:

  • Michael Ferguson, FCA (Chair)
  • Georges Henry Erasmus, O.C., Chair, Board of Directors, Aboriginal Healing Foundation (NWT)
  • Howard Grant, Executive Director, First Nations Summit
  • Robert Breaker, Consultant, Siksika Nation
  • Darlene Johnston, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia
  • Kathleen Lickers, Barrister and Solicitor
  • Scott Serson, former Deputy Minister, Indian and Northern Affairs
  • Viola Robinson, Senior Mi’kmaq Advisor, Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative

Inuit Issues

The Office consults with Inuit leaders on Inuit issues. This helps inform both our federal work and that which we report to the Territorial legislatures. These consultations can take different forms including bilateral discussions with national and regional leaders and also through bringing advisors together in a group.