2012 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada

The 2012 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada is expected to be tabled in the House of Commons on Tuesday, 23 October 2012. The following is a brief description of the chapters contained in the Report.

Chapter 1—Planning the Use of Professional Service Contractors. The audit looked at whether Public Works and Government Services Canada, Health Canada, and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada adequately plan their use of professional service contractors. The audit did not look at how the departments administer these contracts.

Chapter 2—Grant and Contribution Program Reforms. The chapter examines whether the government has adequately implemented its 2008 action plan for streamlining the administrative and reporting burden on grant and contribution recipients. The audit looked at the role played by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and at activities to implement the reforms in five federal organizations.

Chapter 3—Protecting Canadian Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Threats. The audit examined whether federal organizations are working with the provinces and territories and the private sector to protect Canada’s critical infrastructure, including key government information systems, against cyber threats.

Chapter 4—Transition of Ill and Injured Military Personnel to Civilian Life. The audit examined how National Defence and the Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs Canada manage selected services and benefits provided to support ill or injured Canadian Forces members and veterans in their transition to civilian life.

Chapter 5—Real Property—National Defence. The audit looked at how National Defence manages its real property at 21 main bases where Canadian Forces members are organized, trained, and equipped. The audit excluded residential housing.

Chapter 6—Transfer Payments to the Aerospace Sector—Industry Canada. The audit examined whether Industry Canada has enough information to determine if its transfer payments through two aerospace programs are meeting the programs’ objectives. It also looked at whether the Department manages the programs according to the Treasury Board’s Policy on Transfer Payments and whether it has collected repayable contributions.

Chapter 7—Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability—Finance Canada. The audit examined whether the Department of Finance Canada takes into account the impact of spending and tax measures on long-term fiscal sustainability before recommending them. The audit also looked at how analyses of long-term fiscal sustainability are prepared and reported.