Government has significantly improved internal audit

(Chapter 3—Internal Audit—2011 Status Report of the Auditor General)

Ottawa, 9 June 2011—The government has made satisfactory progress since 2004 in strengthening its internal audit capacity, says John Wiersema, Interim Auditor General of Canada, in a Status Report tabled today in the House of Commons.

“Strong internal audit can help an organization achieve its objectives, improve its management practices, and make it more effective,” said Mr. Wiersema.

The internal audit activities and reports examined in the audit met government requirements and the standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors. The audit found that the Office of the Comptroller General, which is responsible for the government’s internal auditing standards and policies, has provided direction, tools, and guidance for the internal audit community.

The audit also found that the 24 largest departments and agencies—which account for about 95% of the government’s total assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses—have established independent departmental audit committees that include individuals with impressive qualifications from outside government. The impact of those committees and strong support from senior management have contributed to strengthening internal audit in government.

“I am particularly pleased to see the significant improvements in internal audit,” said Mr. Wiersema. “I am also impressed by the role that departmental audit committees are playing in strengthening internal audit and in improving management practices.”

The Status Report follows up on the government’s progress in implementing commitments made to address issues identified in previous reports. Progress is deemed either satisfactory or unsatisfactory, taking into account the complexity or significance of the issues and the amount of time that has passed since the original audit.

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The chapter “Internal Audit” is available on the Office of the Auditor General of Canada website.

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