News Releases

Once the Office of the Auditor General of Canada has notified the Speaker of the House of Commons about the date of an upcoming report and the topics that it will cover, we publicize that information in a widely-distributed news release. We also issue news releases on other matters relevant to the Office of the Auditor General of Canada and its work.

2014-04-08Media Advisory—Report of the Auditor General under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA)

2014-03-18Follow-up Report on Child and Family Services in Nunavut—Department of Family Services—Serious gaps remain in providing services to safeguard children and families

2014-03-13Media Advisory—Tabling of the 2014 Follow-Up Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Nunavut Legislative Assembly–Tuesday, 18 March 2014

2014-03-04The Department and regional authorities are not meeting key responsibilities for protecting children

2014-02-27Media Advisory—Tabling of the 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly—Tuesday, 4 March 2014

2014-02-18The Department is not fulfilling some key responsibilities to children and families

2014-02-05Auditor General Michael Ferguson appoints a new Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

2013-11-262013 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada—Auditor General releases 2013 Fall Report

2013-11-19Education in Nunavut—Progress on implementing the Education Act has been limited

2013-11-19Safety of Schools and Childcare facilities in Nunavut—Departments not meeting their obligations to ensure safety of schools and childcare facilities

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