Auditor General's Opening Statement

Audit of the administration of the House of Commons—15 June 2010

Good morning. I am very pleased that the Board of Internal Economy has decided to invite my Office to conduct a performance audit of the administration of the House of Commons. We will of course accept this invitation.

Performance audits examine management practices, controls, and reporting systems. In this particular audit, our objective is to determine whether the House has sound management processes in key administrative systems and practices. We will look at administrative systems such as procurement, human resources management, security, financial management and control, and support to individual members.

Our audit will let parliamentarians know whether or not the administrative systems of the House are being well managed and performing at the standard of quality that they expect. We will make recommendations for improvements if appropriate.

Some specific expenses incurred by Members of Parliament will be reviewed as part of the examination of how well the financial controls function.

Let me take this opportunity to mention a few things we will not be looking at. We will not look at the management of individual member’s offices, nor at the merits of individual member’s transactions. Nor will we comment on the performance of the House, its committees, or individual members.

Work on this audit will begin shortly and we expect to be able to present this report to the House of Commons in the Fall of 2011.

Now I would be pleased to answer your questions.