Planned Reports

All topics and tabling dates subject to change

Reports to Parliament

Spring 2014

Auditor General of Canada Report

  • Public Sector Pension Plans
  • Expanding the Capacity of Penitentiaries
  • First Nations Policing Program
  • Procuring Relocation Services 
  • Aggressive Tax Planning
  • Transfer Payment Programs—Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency
  • Outsourcing Building Management Services—Public Works and Government Services Canada
  • Meeting the Needs for Key Statistical Data—Statistics Canada
  • Special Examinations of Crown Corporations—2013 

June 2014

Auditor General of Canada Report

  • Environmental Review at Export Development Canada

Fall 2014

Auditor General of Canada Report

  • Responding to International Crises
  • International Criminal Justice and Cooperation
  • Providing Mental Health Services to Veterans
  • Providing Relocation Services
  • Support to the Automotive Sector
  • Nutrition North Canada—Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
  • Documentary Heritage of the Government of Canada—Library and Archives Canada 

Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Report

  • Mitigating Climate Change
  • Environmental Monitoring of Oil Sands
  • Marine Transportation in the Arctic
  • Sustainable Development of Commercial Fisheries
  • Implementation of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 
  • Departmental Progress in Implementing Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Environmental Petitions Annual Report 

Special Examination Reports* to Boards of Directors of Crown Corporations


  • Canada Lands Company Limited 
  • Royal Canadian Mint 

*Submitted special examination reports are available on Crown Corporations’ websites.