Video—Relocation services contract process resulted in only one bidder

Audit at a Glance—Procuring Relocation Services
(Chapter 2—Spring 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada)

Video Transcript

In this audit, we examined the procurement process used to award the 2009 contract for the government’s Integrated Relocation Program.

We found that a lack of upfront planning within Public Works and Government Services Canada, National Defence, the RCMP and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat led to missed milestones.

This affected decisions the organizations had to make, and actions they took along the way. While officials took steps to remove some barriers to competition, these steps were not sufficient. As a result, the relocation services contract process did not facilitate access and encourage competition.

Given the complexity of the relocation program contract and its significance, this type of procurement requires considerable oversight and input from senior officials. Public Works and Government Services Canada should work with its client organizations to manage the procurement of relocation services so that there is sufficient oversight and accountability.