Video—First Nations Policing Program not working as intended

Audit at a Glance—First Nations Policing Program—Public Safety Canada
(Chapter 5—Spring 2014 Report of the Auditor General of Canada)

Video Transcript

Let’s turn our attention to the First Nations Policing Program. This program was created in 1991 to address concerns about policing in First Nations communities. The Program is not working as intended, and many issues persist.

For example, though intended to provide First Nations communities with policing services other than those that are the responsibility of the provinces, we found that the Program is sometimes used to replace services normally provided by the provinces.

We also noted that in Ontario, the Program does not ensure that policing services on First Nations reserves meet the standards that apply to policing services elsewhere in the province.

Public Safety Canada needs to work with the provinces, First Nations communities and police service providers to address the weaknesses noted in this audit.