Petitions by Issue


No. 324Concerns about the re-evaluation of the pesticide dimethoate

No. 321The impact of pesticides on the health of farm workers and their families

No. 320The pesticide evaluation process under the Pest Control Products Act

No. 319Potential impact on amphibians and fish due to the application of pesticides in the shoreline and wetlands of the Great Lakes

No. 297Federal government’s management of the impact of pesticides and toxic chemicals on the health of Canadians

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No. 295The potential health and environmental impact of pesticides on apples and other food crops

No. 294The health impact of chemicals and pollutants that are released into the environment

No. 283Concerns about the regulation of the herbicide atrazine and its potential impact on amphibian populations

No. 272Incident reporting related to a fire at a pesticide manufacturer

No. 268Request to withdraw the registration of neurotoxic pesticides in Canada

No. 214Impact of herbicides on fish and fish habitats in northern Ontario

No. 201Environmental health research in Canada

No. 198Chemical residues on imported fruit, vegetables, and milk

No. 180An international comparison on Canada’s action on pesticide regulation

No. 144Pest Control Products Act Regulations

No. 141Approval and registration process for pesticides

No. 129Federal re-evaluation of pesticide 2,4-D

No. 126BFollow-up petition on fumigants and other pesticides in shipping containers

No. 126AFumigants and other pesticides in shipping containers

No. 097Toxicity of the arsenic-based pesticide Monosodium Methane Arsenate (MSMA)

No. 087Advertising and labelling of pesticides

No. 068Pesticide spray program in Prince Albert National Park

No. 020Use of pesticides on ginseng farms in British Columbia