Exhibit 3.3—Plan-Do-Check-Improve management model—text version

2011 December Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

December 2011 Report—Chapter 3

Exhibit 3.3—Plan-Do-Check-Improve management model

The Plan-Do-Check-Improve management model is a cycle flow chart to help organizations manage different programs. It was used to assess Environment Canada’s enforcement program. The model is divided into 4 cyclical stages:

Plan: Identify priorities and develop plans based on risk.

Do: Carry out the plans through inspections to verify and enforce compliance in a fair, predictable, and consistent manner.

Check: Assess progress on the plans to ensure that objectives were achieved, risks were addressed, and opportunities for improvement were identified.

Improve: Take corrective action to implement identified opportunities for improvement to ensure the achievement of program objectives.