Petitions by Federal Institution

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

No. 466
Environmental effects of the Bradford Bypass construction on fish and fish habitat
No. 465
Concerns surrounding groundwater contamination by a fertilizer plant in Yorkton, Saskatchewan
No. 462
Effects of 6PPD tire rubber antioxidant on salmon and mitigation
No. 460
Concerns about effective monitoring, reporting, and enforcement of environmental laws and permits governing resource extraction projects
No. 452
Protecting aquatic environments from harmful effects of nanosilver in consumer products
No. 451
At-risk pipelines under the Ottawa River
No. 450
Status of implementation of Canada’s commitments to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
No. 445
Federal funding for the Fraser Basin Council Society
No. 439
The regulation of genetically engineered salmon under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
No. 436
Multiple incidences of dead fish found on the shores of the Lièvre and Ottawa rivers in July 2019
No. 430
Inquiry into the need for Fisheries and Oceans Canada to recover endangered eulachon
No. 428
Ten requests to the Government of Canada for improving the well-being of the environment
No. 426
Canadian Coast Guard Aids to Navigation discarded batteries
No. 414
Concerns about impacts of open-net fish farming on wild Pacific salmon
No. 413
Environmental assessment of nuclear projects
No. 412
Jefferd Creek Rerouting
No. 410
Canada’s progress on implementing and reporting on Agenda 2030
No. 408
The relationship of science to the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy
No. 400
Timeliness of environmental assessments for projects 2 and 3 (Ontario Highway 69 expansion)
No. 396
Concerns about fish farming practices in British Columbia and their effect on the health of farmed fish and wild fish
No. 394
Adequacy of environmental risk assessment of industrial facility in Port Alberni, British Columbia
No. 392
Concerns over crude oil shipping and oil spills on the Great Lakes
No. 383
Port Metro Vancouver’s expansion and its environmental impact on migratory birds and their feeding ground at Roberts Bank
No. 381
Concerns over Canadian Coast Guard response to English Bay oil spill in Vancouver
No. 374
Federal actions on climate change adaptation in Canada’s North
No. 373
Environmental concerns over oil leaking from a sunken cargo ship in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland
No. 370
Risks of releasing coal and coal dust into the environment during transport
No. 122F
Follow-up petition on Silvermere Island and Silvermere Lake habitat concerns