Petitions by Issue

Climate change

No. 437
Using ISO standards to measure greenhouse gases
No. 435
Use of social cost of carbon values by the Government of Canada
No. 428
Ten requests to the Government of Canada for improving the well-being of the environment
No. 425
Public transit, municipal priorities, and federal government
No. 420
Federal financing of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export terminal and other coal export facilities
No. 419
Concerns about investment in “new” nuclear technologies
No. 410
Canada’s progress on implementing and reporting on Agenda 2030
No. 408
The relationship of science to the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy
No. 401
Institutionalized resistance to climate change action (wind energy)
No. 397
Learning from assessments of Canada’s Renewable Fuels Strategy as a prerequisite to developing a Clean Fuel Standard
No. 390
Quantification of Canada’s total carbon dioxide emissions from exported fossil fuels
No. 380
Critical infrastructure and atmospheric security—Impacts of climate change
No. 376
Climate change adaptation for national parks
No. 374
Federal actions on climate change adaptation in Canada’s North
No. 356
Cost-benefit analysis of offshore oil and gas development in Newfoundland and Labrador
No. 349b
Follow-up petition on Canada’s misconstruing of the international version of the precautionary principle within Canadian government departments
No. 349
Applying the precautionary principle in relation to a number of Canada’s international environmental commitments