Petitions by Issue

Compliance and enforcement

No. 442
Textile waste
No. 441
Ministerial decisions on designation requests made pursuant to the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012
No. 440
Uncertainties about the management of single-use plastics
No. 439
The regulation of genetically engineered salmon under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
No. 436
Multiple incidences of dead fish found on the shores of the Lièvre and Ottawa rivers in July 2019
No. 433
Certain organic flame retardants substance grouping
No. 432
Concerns about single‑use plastics in our waters and about vinyl acetate–based products, such as food packaging and laundry and dish detergent packs and pods
No. 431
Oversight, safety, and public awareness of chemical product applications at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa
No. 427
Nuclear governance problems in Canada
No. 426
Canadian Coast Guard Aids to Navigation discarded batteries
No. 424
Petition for clarification on the conversion of Western Brook Pond Trail to a gravel access road in Gros Morne National Park
No. 418
Need for a national policy on decommissioning of nuclear reactors
No. 413
Environmental assessment of nuclear projects
No. 412
Jefferd Creek Rerouting
No. 411
Policies and strategies for managing non-fuel radioactive waste
No. 404
Nesting barn swallows at Norman Rogers Airport, in Kingston, Ontario
No. 398B
Follow-up petition on adequate warnings to Canadians about the effects of radiofrequency and microwave radiation from personal and household wireless devices
No. 396
Concerns about fish farming practices in British Columbia and their effect on the health of farmed fish and wild fish
No. 395
Impact on migratory birds of tailings ponds in Alberta’s oil sands mines
No. 393
Concerns about the spraying of pesticides close to a school in a rural area
No. 392
Concerns over crude oil shipping and oil spills on the Great Lakes
No. 386
Regulatory requirements and due process for transporting hazardous waste into Canada for disposal
No. 379
Implementation of a federal compliance strategy for transboundary waste regulations
No. 377B
Follow-up petition on the interpretation and application of Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
No. 377
Interpretation and application of Canada’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
No. 372
Federal responsibilities toward cancer prevention from risks associated with environmental carcinogens
No. 371
Environmental risks of hazardous goods transported by rail
No. 370
Risks of releasing coal and coal dust into the environment during transport
No. 369
Harmonizing Canadian transboundary waste regulations with international agreements
No. 362
Federal role and action in response to the Obed Mountain Mine coal slurry spill into the Athabasca River watershed
No. 360
Interpreting and applying the 2012 changes to the habitat-protection provisions of the Fisheries Act
No. 349b
Follow-up petition on Canada’s misconstruing of the international version of the precautionary principle within Canadian government departments