Petitions by Issue

International cooperation

No. 443
Reporting relationship of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
No. 426
Canadian Coast Guard Aids to Navigation discarded batteries
No. 420
Federal financing of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export terminal and other coal export facilities
No. 410
Canada’s progress on implementing and reporting on Agenda 2030
No. 392
Concerns over crude oil shipping and oil spills on the Great Lakes
No. 379
Implementation of a federal compliance strategy for transboundary waste regulations
No. 374
Federal actions on climate change adaptation in Canada’s North
No. 369
Harmonizing Canadian transboundary waste regulations with international agreements
No. 367
Federal management of Western Atlantic bluefin tuna
No. 363
Federal government review of European Union decisions to ban substances for health and environmental reasons, in accordance with section 75(3) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
No. 349b
Follow-up petition on Canada’s misconstruing of the international version of the precautionary principle within Canadian government departments