Petitions by Issue

Science and technology

No. 443
Reporting relationship of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
No. 442
Textile waste
No. 440
Uncertainties about the management of single-use plastics
No. 439
The regulation of genetically engineered salmon under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999
No. 423
Re-evaluation of glyphosate by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency
No. 421
Questioning nuclear power as clean energy
No. 419
Concerns about investment in “new” nuclear technologies
No. 416
Sustainable development in national parks
No. 414
Concerns about impacts of open-net fish farming on wild Pacific salmon
No. 409
Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 threshold for excessive heating and other adverse effects from radiofrequency and microwave wireless radiation on the human eye and on infants
No. 408
The relationship of science to the Federal Sustainable Development Strategy
No. 407
Scientific review processes to determine limits on exposure to radiofrequency radiation according to Safety Code 6
No. 406
Recognition, protection, and accessibility for persons who suffer health impairment related to contamination by electromagnetic pollution
No. 403
Exposure of vulnerable persons to microwave and radiofrequency radiation
No. 402
Precautionary messaging and advisories in schools for safer use of wireless devices
No. 401
Institutionalized resistance to climate change action (wind energy)
No. 399
Scientific weight of evidence for Safety Code 6, Health Canada’s radiofrequency exposure guidelines
No. 398B
Follow-up petition on adequate warnings to Canadians about the effects of radiofrequency and microwave radiation from personal and household wireless devices
No. 398
Adequate warnings to Canadians about the effects of radiofrequency and microwave radiation from personal and household wireless devices
No. 388
Protection of the Central Experimental Farm as a research facility and a national historic site of Canada
No. 385
Adequacy of environmental risk assessment of the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project in Delta, British Columbia
No. 378
Safety Code 6 and protection from electromagnetic radiation generated by a cell tower antenna
No. 372
Federal responsibilities toward cancer prevention from risks associated with environmental carcinogens
No. 368
Use of published emissions factors by facilities in National Pollutant Release Inventory
No. 367
Federal management of Western Atlantic bluefin tuna
No. 365
Scientific evidence supporting the statements made in Health Canada’s Fact Sheet on Safety Code 6, which recommends limits for safe exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation