Petitions by Issue

Waste management

No. 442
Textile waste
No. 440
Uncertainties about the management of single-use plastics
No. 438
Reduction of plastic pollution
No. 429
Plastic pollution in our oceans
No. 427
Nuclear governance problems in Canada
No. 426
Canadian Coast Guard Aids to Navigation discarded batteries
No. 421
Questioning nuclear power as clean energy
No. 418
Need for a national policy on decommissioning of nuclear reactors
No. 413
Environmental assessment of nuclear projects
No. 411
Policies and strategies for managing non-fuel radioactive waste
No. 405B
Follow-up petition on Canada’s nuclear legacy liabilities
No. 405
Canadian nuclear legacy liabilities: Cleanup costs for Chalk River Laboratories
No. 386
Regulatory requirements and due process for transporting hazardous waste into Canada for disposal
No. 379
Implementation of a federal compliance strategy for transboundary waste regulations
No. 369
Harmonizing Canadian transboundary waste regulations with international agreements