Petitions by Issue


No. 436
Multiple incidences of dead fish found on the shores of the Lièvre and Ottawa rivers in July 2019
No. 432
Concerns about single‑use plastics in our waters and about vinyl acetate–based products, such as food packaging and laundry and dish detergent packs and pods
No. 429
Plastic pollution in our oceans
No. 393
Concerns about the spraying of pesticides close to a school in a rural area
No. 383
Port Metro Vancouver’s expansion and its environmental impact on migratory birds and their feeding ground at Roberts Bank
No. 381
Concerns over Canadian Coast Guard response to English Bay oil spill in Vancouver
No. 375
Status of contaminated site near Canadian Forces Base Valcartier
No. 373
Environmental concerns over oil leaking from a sunken cargo ship in Notre Dame Bay, Newfoundland
No. 370
Risks of releasing coal and coal dust into the environment during transport
No. 362
Federal role and action in response to the Obed Mountain Mine coal slurry spill into the Athabasca River watershed