Travel Expenses

Scott Vaughan, Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development

2010-12-02 to 2011-03-01 (December-March)

Date(s) Purpose and Details Total Cost* Recovered Cost
2012-01-26 to 2012-01-27 Speaker at Concordia University; Meeting with senior officials of Irving Shipyard Inc; Attend a meeting at Saint Mary's University $1,574.06 $0.00
2012-02-02 Attend meetings and keynote speaker at McGill School of Business $336.70 $0.00
2012-02-12 to 2012-02-14 Keynote speaker at EnerCan West 2012 Conference and Trade Show $1,108.90 $0.00
2012-02-21 to 2012-02-23 Meeting with senior officials of the United States Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Resources for the Future, the Heinz Centre and the World Bank $1,170.81 $0.00
Total $4,190.47 $0.00

* Includes all applicable taxes.