Video—Canadian Army Reserve—National Defence

Audit at a Glance—Canadian Army Reserve—National Defence

Video Transcript

The Canadian Army Reserve is very important, because it’s considered to be an integrated part of the Canadian Army. Army Reserve soldiers will participate in both domestic and international missions, so they need to be well-trained.

So what we found was when Reserve soldiers are being trained within their units, they’re not getting all of the training that they need. And that’s because the Canadian Forces aren’t providing direction to all of those Army Reserve units about what the training should be, the Reserve units don’t have all the soldiers they need, they don’t have all the trainers that they need, and they don’t have all the equipment that they need.

So the Reserve soldiers don’t get all the training in their units. That means when they join their regular unit, the regular unit has the fill in that gap in order to prepare those Army Reserve soldiers for those dangerous and complex international missions.