Video—Royal Military College of Canada—National Defence

Audit at a Glance—Royal Military College of Canada—National Defence

Video Transcript

The Royal Military College of Canada is both a military unit and a federally funded university. It provides education and training to Officer Cadets of the Canadian Armed Forces.

We found that the College has emphasized academic education over military training. The quality of the College’s academic programs is good, but it costs about twice as much per student as other universities.

Leadership training is another issue. The Royal Military College did not adequately train Officer Cadets in military conduct and ethical behaviour expected of future officers. The college expected senior Officer Cadets to instill military leadership and ethics in other Officer Cadets.

We found that the college took action when serious incidents of misconduct were reported, but the large number of incidents among senior Officer Cadets, indicates that they’re not prepared to act as role models for other officer cadets.

The purpose of Royal Military College is to train and educate officers for a career of effective service with the Canadian Armed Forces. Without action, it risks becoming just another university, and will not provide the Canadian Armed Forces with the leaders it requires.