Video—AG calls for prompt action to prevent today’s issues from becoming tomorrow’s problems

Video Transcript

Of the seven audits we are reporting on today, some highlight programs or areas of government activities which are not delivering their intended results for Canadians, and where there is a risk that the underlying issues could get worse if they are not addressed quickly.

The national strategy to address antimicrobial resistance is one example. Almost twenty years after the government identified antimicrobial resistance to be a public health priority, there is still no national strategy in place.

Our audit of the Correctional Service of Canada is another example where it is evident that fewer offenders are getting the benefit of a full planned and gradual release back into society.

We are concerned that the issues we are seeing today may be the symptoms of bigger problems in the future if they are not resolved quickly. It is important for departments to focus on addressing these issues promptly, to avoid bigger problems which will cost more to fix down the road, in terms of time, money and effort.