Federal financing of the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export terminal and other coal export facilities

Petition: 420

Issue(s): Climate change, International cooperation, Other, Transport

Petitioner(s): Resident of Canada

Petitioner Location(s): Vancouver, British Columbia

Date Received: 16 November 2018

Status: Completed—Response(s) to petition received

Summary: The petition expresses concern about possible federal subsidies for the Fraser Surrey Docks coal export terminal and associated railway infrastructure in British Columbia. The petition asserts that any federal funding being considered or promised for a project to build a new coal export facility at the docks and associated rail works directly contradicts the federal government’s mandate to phase out coal power. The petition also maintains that such funding contradicts Canada’s international commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its stated commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies.

The petition states that the new facility could allow as much as 4 million tonnes of coal to be transported through British Columbia from the United States every year. If burned, the coal would emit roughly 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The petition suggests that this project would not proceed without subsidies from the federal government.

The petition asks whether the government has considered or has in place any financial arrangements (such as federal funding or subsidies) or non‑financial benefits for works associated with the Fraser Surrey Docks coal facility or other coal export facilities in Canada. The petition also asks about the amount and status of any such agreements for that facility or associated works, and about any contingencies placed on those arrangements should they exist. In addition, the petition asks whether the government has conducted, or plans to conduct, any outreach or advocacy related to coal exports, and whether any policies are in place to ensure that no federal funding is granted for activities related to coal exports in the future.

Federal Departments Responsible for Reply: Environment and Climate Change Canada, Finance Canada, Global Affairs Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Transport Canada, Western Economic Diversification