Petitions by Issue

Indigenous matters

No. 464
Questioning federal oversight of greenspace north of the Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
No. 462
Effects of 6PPD tire rubber antioxidant on salmon and mitigation
No. 454
Social and gender equity impacts of federal COVID-19 financial support for the fossil fuel industry
No. 450
Status of implementation of Canada’s commitments to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
No. 444
Need for environmental impact assessment on ecological effects of wide-scale wolf reduction programs
No. 441
Ministerial decisions on designation requests made pursuant to the Impact Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012
No. 430
Inquiry into the need for Fisheries and Oceans Canada to recover endangered eulachon
No. 414
Concerns about impacts of open-net fish farming on wild Pacific salmon
No. 384
Relocation of the 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron—Deficiencies in environmental assessment and need for public consultation
No. 374
Federal actions on climate change adaptation in Canada’s North